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Best Human Hair Wigs
Posted On August 15, 2019

Best Human Hair Wigs Style in Delhi,Noida

Wearing the best natural looking human hair wigs is the common dream of girls. Wearing human hair lace wigs can cover the bad looking and lose hair, 100 human hair wigs also can easily change people's appearance, bring the biggest confidence to them.

There are many human hair wigs for sale on the market, how to choose the best human hair wigs has become the most often asked questions by wigs wearer. This blog will show some best and popular real human hair wigs hairstyles.
What are the best human hair wigs
The best types of natural-looking human hair wigs

What Are The Best Human Hair Wigs
We think another meaning of the best human hair wigs is the natural human hair wigs. Wigs wearers both hope to wear the most natural-looking human hair wigs to show a gloss of the hair is grown from their own scalp. At the same time, the wigs for women they wear can keep good condition for a long time.
To sum up, the best human hair wigs must meet the below features:

Material requirement
The best human hair wigs must be made of 100% remy hair, real human hair weave must be directly collected from the hair donators. Ensure human hair keeps the original property and cuticle. Hair head and hairtail separately sewed facing the same direction, no shedding and tangle occur.

The lace of human hair lace front wigs and full lace human hair wigs should be hand-tied, fine workmanship ensure the strong tear resistance.Usually, 7A, 8A, 9A, 10A quality grade represent the high quality human hair wigs.

If the cheap human hair wigs are sewed by human hair bundles with closure, the bundles with closure should also be the same material as the best human hair wigs. Double weft human hair bundles and import quality lace frontal closure or lace closure.

Material is very important, not only for the natural-looking but also for the long service time. We have to admit that the effects that appeared between quality human hair wigs and generic human hair wigs are different.
Real human hair wigs for black women can last about 1-2 years under careful maintaining.

Suitable wig capsize
The biggest difference between wigs for women and hair bundles with closure sew in is women's human hair wigs have a wig cap. But the wig cap size plays a big role in natural-looking.

A wig cap size is suitable for your head will bring the most natural looking effect. But if a wig cap is too tight, you will feel uncomfortable when your head is under very tight pressure. If a wig cap is too large, you will in the worries of wig dropping or shaking. These two situations both can't bring you the most natural human hair wigs.

That is to say when buying remy human hair wigs, you should choose the suitable capsize. Normally, there are 3 kinds of wig capsize:
Small: 21-21.5 Inch
Medium: 22-22.5 Inch
Large: 22.75-23 Inch
And you can also adjust the cap size at the behind of the cap according to your head, below picture for your reference:
If this still can't conform to your head, then you can contact the human hair wigs vendor to customize your wig capsize. No matter what method you want to use, you must ensure the wig cap size is suitable for your head.
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