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Hair Weaving
Posted On September 1, 2019

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Most of us suffer from hair loss, partial baldness or balding. We spend our whole lives in shying away and isolated from the world. This is due to self-consciousness and wariness. But it is also because of the unawareness. One has about the latest developments in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics sector.

You may not know it. But hair systems industry has transpired at a massive level. It can really make you able to camouflage your bald heads with bold, luscious locks. People you meet would not even be able to recognize if you have had ever faced a hair fall or baldness. You can flaunt your thick tresses. They will forever be yours without undergoing painful, time and money consuming surgeries.

We are here talking about Hair Replacement. It is a cosmetic way of consolidating processed human hair with your own hair. It provides you the most natural full head of hair. And guess what's the best part about this is - there is nothing that you cannot do with this hair. You can treat and embrace these hairs like you used to do with your own natural hair. You can do:
Shampoo wash

What is the procedure of hair weaving? Hair weaving is a non-surgical way to get hairs on the scalp. It is a good way to get rid of baldness without any cut or surgery. It is the technique of adding new hair by weaving or braiding.

Hair weaving is not a permanent solution for the hair loss. It is a perfect solution for those who cannot go for hair transplant or have any medical condition that stops them to do so. The hair weaving procedure is simple and safe. In this patch of hair weaving been kept upside down. This patch is also called mesh. The mesh enables the passage of air around it. It is integrated with a tape for adhesiveness. It also contains clips.

Water is applied on the weave and combed accordingly. There are two layers of hair i.e natural hair and the wig. The hair on the wig is cut according to the patients requirements. So that they get a good shape and natural look as well.

What are the side effects of hair weaving?
Hair weaving is a non-evasive technique of incorporating new hair, which is natural or synthetic. Although it is safe, but like all other treatment, it also has some damaging effect on the scalp.

The hair weaving process uses some substance to glue the hair on the scalp. Sometimes the synthetic substance damages the other healthy hair follicles next to the weave. The glue also blocks the air, which results in suppresses the growth of normal hair. It also increases the skin problem in some people.

Is Hair Weaving painful? Hair weaving is not a surgical procedure so it is not much painful. But it cause some pain as depends upon how someone getting it done. If people getting it glued then, it won't pain, but if people getting it is won then the braiding will cause pain. It causes damage to your hair also. So it depends upon the choice of the people.

What is hair bonding treatment?
Hair bonding is also a non-surgical procedure to get rid of baldness. It is a painless way to increase the length of the hair. People who are not happy with the length of their hair. They can go to this non-invasive procedure by adding compatible hair extension to their hair.

Does hair weaving look natural?

Hair weaving is a good option for those who want to get rid of their baldness without going for a surgery. Mostly it is a painless procedure. It also gives a natural look to the hair as there are two layers - natural hair and the wig. The hair on the wig is cut according to the individual to get a good shape and a natural look.

Is hair fixing permanent?
Hair weaving is quite popular treatment among individuals who do not want to undergo surgical treatment. It is a non- invasive and painless procedure to get hairs on the scalp. But it is not a permanent solution as there are no follicles for it to grow. Also, after sometimes the hair on the wig get damaged. To restore the damaged wig people have to visit a hair stylist frequently.

How much does hair weave cost in India?
The hair weaving treatment gets popularity by many reasons and cost is among such reason. Along with a non-surgical treatment, it is also cost effective. Hair weaving is much cheaper than hair transplant or other medical therapies. The cost of hair weaving in India can be around INR 5000 to INR 25,000 approximately. The cost also depends upon the method chosen, volume of hair etc.

How long does a weave last?
Hair weaving is not a permanent solution for baldness, but is a non- invasive procedure. It requires special care and frequent visit to the hair stylists. Hair weaving specialists recommended the duration of time to keep a weave in is 2 to 4 weeks. People also suggest keeping visiting hair stylists once in a month for touch up.

How does weave damage your hair?
Although, hair weaving is a safe procedure but it also has some risks as other hair treatments have. The main risk is traction hair loss and breakage. This is due to the involvement of pulling. If excessive pulling persists, then actually hairs can be pulled out from follicles and it will damage the follicles. The permanent damage of follicles results in stopping the growth of hair back. So does it properly, under proper supervision so that the risk can be minimized?

Why does my scalp itch with weaves?
With lots of advantages, hair weaving also comes with some side effects. Itching is the most common problem that is faced by people with the weave. The main reason is that during the hair weaving hair follicles attach to the scalp is pulled up. The hair which is pulled up too tightly which inflamed the follicles result in causing the itching.

How does hair bonding work?
Hair bonding is a method to increase the length of your hairs by applying hair extensions to your natural hair. The hair extension is applied by using a rubber-based glue to bond the hair piece to your natural hair. It is a painless and non- invasive procedure. It is also a kind of weaving technique.

Is there any side effect of hair rebounding for females?
Hair rebounding is a chemical treatment that makes your curls turn straight in the process. This is a best technique if you want a straight and not frizzy and unmanageable hair. Unlike straightening with straightener where curls come back after the wash, the hair rebounding is permanent. Once the hair is straightened regular touch ups is needed.

Hair rebounding also has some side effects. After rebounding the hair requires care and proper maintenance. For the first month the hair is not allowed to tie or tucked behind the ears. Toxic chemicals are used so it might damage the hair and cause hair loss.
Hair rebounding needs regular touch ups and proper care. It is a permanent procedure so the effects are also last longing.

Limitations of Hair Weaving
Synthetic hair attachment mimics natural hair but still looks artificial. It is prone to get tangled easily. They even require good maintenance and have a short life. Though much cheaper in cost than a human hair but results in expensiveness because of frequent replaces.
Hair replacement has been given various names like
Hair Weaving
Hair taping
Hair Bonding
Hair clipping
These are in-fact the many different ways of hair attachment. You in consultation with your specialist can choose your kind of hair attachment on the basis of your lifestyle and ease..
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